J A M E S M. T A B O R

Watch for my next book, SALT & PEPPER--A Memoir of Racial Awakening, about life, death, and race on the mean streets of Washington, D.C.

First thing, I need to thank everyone who posted glowing reviews of my books on Amazon and elsewhere. There's no way to adequately express how much I appreciate your taking time to do that. Second thing, I'm working on a new book, as that headline above notes, about my days as a street cop in Washington, D.C. during that city's tenure as "Murder Capital of the U.S." On one level it reads like a crime thriller. On another, though, it pays tribute to the remarkable African American partners who changed me forever--and for the better. Rather like American History X, in real life, featuring cops instead of convicts. Look for it next spring.

SPECIAL OFFER: Email me, jim@jamesmtabor.com, and I'll email you a free copy of my O. Henry Award-winning story, "The Runner."